Three Burnham-On-Sea youngsters who are so worried about the environment that they have launched their own campaign to ‘save Somerset’ have unveiled a new campaign video this week.

Ben Whitrow, with school friends Kayden Wright and Will Creswick, launched the campaign called ‘Save Somerset’ last year to help clean up Burnham and raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution.

They were shocked to learn about global warming, deforestation, fossil fuels and plastic pollution.

Ben, 12, has now put together a new promotional video in preparation for more clean up sessions, not only on the beach but in parks around local towns.

The video can be seen here:

Ben told “The reason I compiled the video is that I feel people don’t understand the importance of our planet and what it takes to protect it.”

“I created the video to open other’s eyes about this worldwide emergency as it shows videos about how disgusting our oceans are and the amount of plastic inside them.”

“I hope to achieve more people being aware of what we are doing to the environment and encourage others to join us on our next clean up sessions.”

Ben’s school, Hugh Sexey’s, are backing his efforts by also promoting the clean-ups to the whole school to encourage more students to join in and help.

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