Two weekend events have been halted due to a group of travellers being camped on Burnham-On-Sea’s BASC Ground.

Today’s car boot sale has been cancelled and Sunday’s 30th anniversary event for BARB Search & Rescue has been postponed. Both were scheduled to be held at the BASC Ground.

Travellers gained access to the BASC playing fields on Tuesday and discussions to move them on have been ongoing.

Police have spoken to the travellers and a BASC spokesman said that concrete blocks had been moved to the main entrance along with a lorry across the access road.

A BARB spokesman said: “Please note that BARB has had to take the regrettable decision to postpone this Sunday’s 30th anniversary event until later this year due to circumstances out of our control. We hope to announce a new date soon and apologise for any inconvenience this causes. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to celebrating with you all later in the year.”

Burnham’s MP James Heappey said on Thursday: “I’m aware of the situation of the arrival of a group of travellers at the BASC sports ground. I have spoken to the Police and will continue to push for a quick resolution.”

“BASC is private land but I’ll be monitoring the situation closely and encouraging the police to do all they can to remove this illegal encampment.”

A separate small group arrived in the Pier Street seafront car park on Thursday and have since left.

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