Crafty Teacup Burnham-On-Sea

Burnham-On-Sea’s Crafty Teacup creative arts hub is to provide free food for needy local people over the winter and ‘Covid-safe’ art sessions during the lockdown. 

The art hub, in Victoria Street opposite St. Andrew’s Church, says Sedgemoor’s Environmental Health officers have given permission for it to run family and friend ‘bubble’ workshops – with no more than 5 people in a bubble – throughout the current lockdown to help people with their mental health and wellbeing.

Owner Gill Hills adds: “They have also agreed that we can provide free food through the winter months again this year for homeless and families who would benefit from a nutritious hot meal.”

”We will be starting this Tuesday from 12-2pm. Homeless can eat in to warm up (following strict COVID rules) for people with homes we will be doing a takeaway service.”

“This year, there are so many people and families whose mental health and financial situation have been affected by COVID.  We are finding our creative sessions are giving families a chance to spend a couple of hours out of their normal world and just have fun together, making special memories in a year that has been so full of worry.”

“The bubbles are either a family of up to 5  or friends of up to 5 people who are already in a bubble together.  There are no set times and dates as they book a session when they want it, daytime, evening or weekends.  They can choose between any of our workshops and the cost varies depending on the workshop they decided to do.”

”We have splatter painting, Christmas wreath making, eco Christmas cracker making, terracotta pot decorating & much more! It gives families and friends some quality time together to forget for a little while what’s going on in the world right now.  They also learn a new skill.  It’s all very friendly and safe.”

Crafty Teacup Burnham-On-Sea

“The free food is for anyone local who genuinely is in need of a hot, nutritious meal once a week through the winter.  This includes homeless, families and people who struggle to put food on the table, especially with the devastating financial position some have found themselves in due to Covid.”

”Environmental health have agreed anyone who is sleeping rough can eat in to warm up, people with homes can bring takeaway containers to take the food home. If anyone wants to get involved with donations we use pasta, rice, lentils, pasta sauce jars, packaged individual cakes, biscuits and fruit.”

She adds: ”People should contact us at the Crafty Teacup for more information.  It’s held every Tuesday starting next week and will hopefully carry on until mid-February, through the winter months. We will be serving between 12 and 2pm.”

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