Andrew Deane-Williams, CEO of Broken Chains UK

A Burnham-On-Sea resident is setting up a new charity that will support children and young people affected by Parental Substance Misuse.

Andrew Deane-Williams, who is a reformed heroin addict, is launching the new organisation, called Broken Chains UK, after seeing the impact that his addiction had on family.

Andrew told “The charity will support children and young people who have been affected by Parental Substance misuse.”

“The vision was born out of my horrific heroin addiction and the traumatic impact it had on my family, especially my children.”

“I haven’t used heroin for a number of years now but the impact is still there to see.”

“I spent the last two years researching Parental Substance Misuse, along with Adverse Child Experience, Trauma, Trauma informed care, building resilience and therapies.”

“I have had support from a group of experts and over the last nine months I have had support from one of the UK’s leading experts in parental substance misuse.”

He adds: “The services we will deliver are researched, evidenced and will be delivered by people with a real passion for what we are doing.”

“My wife, Abigail, and I are continuing to build a new website and create resources. We have a great vision and believe we can get there.”

“We are looking for an experienced chairman to join our team and oversee our fantastic group of trustees. Experience is desired. Passion is expected.”

Andrew adds: “There is a massive need for this in Somerset. Our face to face contact will be in Somerset and the south west to begin with. However our resources will be available to anyone in the UK.”

To get in touch, email and see his Go Fund Me page here.

Pictured: Andrew, the CEO, with his younger child, reformed and free from heroin

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