Monarchs Gymnastics Club celebrates success at awards ceremony

Members of Highbridge’s Monarchs Gymnastics Club have been celebrating success by holding their annual club competition.

The group’s event was well supported by the club’s gymnasts and their families, who watched on proudly.

“Our coaches would like to thank everyone who made this competition so successful and a lot of fun for our gymnasts,” said the group’s Mandy Warburton.

Level 2

Age 4 – 1st Lucy Davey, 2nd Matilda Winter

Age 5 – 1st Rose Hamblin, 2nd Dylan Saunter, 3rd Erin Jarvis, 4th Harley New, 5th Riley Hamblin

Age 6 – 1st Marleigh Glaysher

Age 9 1st Megan Bryant

Level 3

Age 5 – 1st Cai Meager, 2nd Pippa Fowler, 3rd Jorgie Fardon, 4th Eva Lewis

Age 6 – 1st Zoe Coburn, 2nd Emily Hector, 3rd Isabella Wainwright, 4th Elsie Kingston,

5th Lucy Ephithite, 6th  Theo Hamblin

Age 7 – 1st Aaliyah Hall, 2nd Olivia Mason, 3rd Shannon Moon, 4th Coco Hemmings-Batt and Iris Isaac, 5th Lola Thorn

Age 8 – 1st Tegan Griffiths, 2nd Katie Howard

Age 9 – 1st Amelie Hiles, 2nd Ella Baskwill

Age 10 – 1st Amelia Hall, 2nd Samuel Kilduff

Level 4

Age 7 – 1st Martha Jones, 2nd Kasia Afshar, 3rd Ava Hembrough

Monarchs Gymnastics Club celebrates success at awards ceremony

NDP group

Age 6 – 1st Poppy Reeves, 2nd Caitlin Board, 3rd Aeesha Nduthu

Age 7 – 1st Eve Dickinson, 2nd Ayla Chappell

Age 8 – 1st Katherine Emery, 2nd Mia Woodward, 3rd Isaac Browne

Age 9 – group 1 – 1st Amelia Wainwright, 2nd Doris Fields

Group 2 – 1st Megan Board, 2nd Holly Neilson

Age 10 – group 1 – 1st Grace Johnson, 2nd Isla Jones

Group 2 – 1st Lucie Davies, 2nd Maggie Rice

Age 11 – group 1 – 1st Evie Medhurst, 2nd Jazmine Neilson, 3rd Izzy Boxer

Group 2 – 1st Felicity Coburn, 2nd Louie Reed

Age 13 – 1st Rosie Boxer, 2nd Emily Taylor

FIG group

Age 6 – 1st Isla Gardner

Age 7 – 1st Hope Ephitite, 2nd Ava Morgan

Age 8 – 1st Amara Gamwell, 2nd Juno Channon

Age 10 – 1st Evie Pole, 2nd Leila Tranmer-Andrews, 3rd Erin Morgan

Age 11 – 1st Ellie MacBeth

Age 12 – 1st Ava Debonis, 2nd Mason Wall

Age 13 – 1st Naomi Lourenco, 2nd Jack Warburton


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