A major beach search operation was launched in Burnham-On-Sea during the early hours of this morning (Wednesday) for a missing person.

Teams of Coastguards from Burnham-On-Sea and Weston were joined by volunteers from BARB Search & Rescue at 1.20am.

It follows a Police report that a vulnerable man had gone missing. Police asked for a full search of Burnham beach and the surrounding area.

BARB’s Spirit of Lelaina 2 hovercraft was launched with two Coastguard mud technicians onboard to complete a torch-lit search of the tideline and mudflats for any sign of the missing person.

Crews also carried out foot searches along the beach, sea wall and along the sands to Berrow point.

“The man was found safely just after 2.30am and the crews were stood down after a good multi-agency search which close team working,” said a Coastguard spokesman.

In a separate call-out an hour before the incident, BARB’s crew was also tasked at 12.17am with helping Coastguards with a vehicle rescue in Weston. A car had got stuck on the beach next to the Grand Pier and was successfully pulled free.