Residents living along a busy Burnham-On-Sea road say it has become a ‘rat run’ due to drivers using it as a cut-through — and they have called on councillors to introduce measures to reduce traffic.

Residents in Ash Tree Road are worried about safety due to rising numbers of speeding vehicles travelling through to avoid the busy Berrow Triangle.

During Monday’s Town Council Town Improvements Committee meeting, councillors agreed that a traffic counter will be installed in Ash Tree Road for a limited time to assess the volume of traffic and gather evidence for possible permanent measures.

Cllr Peter Clayton told the meeting: “The residents are really upset – there is a lot of speeding there and anti-social driving. It is used a cut-through and has become a ‘rat run’.”

“We’ve looked at siting a SID (speed indicator device) there, but there isn’t a long enough stretch of uninterrupted road due to parked cars, so this isn’t an option. I can get something done there if we have evidence of a problem but the only way we can get that is with a traffic counter or a SID.”

Ash Tree Road berrow

Cllr Phil Harvey questioned whether a second device might also be needed in nearby Berrow Road in order to accurately assess whether vehicles are diverting along Ash Tree Road. Cllr Clayton said he would discuss this further with the County Council.

Cllr Mike Murphy added: “There is no question about it, everyone knows that this road is a rat run. It’s been suggested over the years that speed bumps go in there – they are in various places around the country, and are simple to install. It would stop the traffic racing along a very dangerous road and I would ask you to consider them.”

Cllr Clayton responded: “I did try and get speed bumps along another road, Stoddens Road, but residents don’t like them – they don’t like the noise and cars accelerating away from them. Any option could be possible, though, but we need evidence beforehand.”

Town councillors heard that the traffic counter would cost an estimated £225. Councillors unanimously agreed to proceed. Cllr Andy Hodge added: “It’s a small amount of money in order to start to do something in what is a troublesome area.”

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