A unique wedding ceremony took place in Brent Knoll on Saturday (January 15th) when two circus performers tied the knot – with plenty of surprises for invited guests.

The circus-themed wedding took place under the big top that is set up next to Sanders Garden Centre.

Emil Delbosq, a comic clown, married Rosey Delarue, an aerialist, watched by fellow Funtasia performers, family and friends.

The groom arrived in the aisle in surprise style on a classic Honda Rebel motorbike, and the couple’s rings were delivered by the circus’s show dog, as pictured below. Several performers also joined with music and entertainment.

Emil said: “This was such an incredibly special day for us – we met at a circus five years ago and this is now home for us.”

“The decision on where we should hold the ceremony was an easy one! Everyone in the Funtasia team has been keen to help make the day special and we thank them all.”

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a celebration under the big top into the early hours.

The circus’ month-long run of popular shows ran over the Christmas holiday period, as we featured here.

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