King Alfred School Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week has been marked at Highbridge’s King Alfred School with a series of special events.

Assemblies took place with students and there was also a Sixth Form Mental Health Bake off, plus Tea and a talk, and a Mindfulness Monday event.

The theme has been centred around ‘Finding your Brave’, says Kelly Criddle, the school’s Sixth Form Student Mentor.

“This could be just simple gestures to show braveness such as talking to new people or even in the case of some of the Sixth Formers presenting an assembly in front of peers to educate the importance of mental health.”

Sixth Formers battled it out in order to gain the title of Children’s Mental Health Week Bake-off champion, and in the end the winners were Caitlin, Immacolata and Jessica while the tutor bake off crown went to Mr King and his very talented daughter.

All cakes were rated highly by the judges and the leftovers went down a real treat in the Tea and Talk afternoon session!

Kelly adds: “The tea and talk session was a huge success with attendance from the lower school and the anti-bullying ambassadors, who took part in a very competitive Kahoot on the facts about mental health. It was fair to say everyone enjoyed the cakes, with very little left at the end!”

“Mindfulness Monday provided an opportunity for students to relax and take time out before starting again in the afternoon, something which now takes place every Monday and is open to the whole school to relax in the present moment rather than having thoughts scattered around.”

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