Berrow beach piping

A large section of piping which was recently washed up on Berrow Beach has been recovered and given a new lease of life at nearby Animal Farm Adventure Park.

Sedgemoor District Council’s Clean Surroundings team has taken away the heavy 20-metre long piping from the beach.

The Clean Surroundings Team cut the pipe into two to remove it – and it is now in its new home, providing some new play equipment for the animals at Animal Farm Adventure Park, who were more than happy to recycle it.

A spokesman for the Friends of Berrow Beach says: “We’d like to say a very big thank you to Sedgemoor District Council and the Clean Surroundings team for removing the largest piece of litter we’ve encountered so far from Berrow Beach.”

“We appreciate that some dogs and horses have been making good use of it while it was there.  However, because of its weight, it was a potential danger to young children playing on it.”

“Also, if it did return to the sea, it would become a large floating hazard to small sailing boats and jet skis.”

“Another reason we didn’t want it back in the sea was because it would, over time, be reduced to lots of smaller pieces of plastic and I think anyone would agree that there’s enough of that in the ocean already?”

“The pipe has now found a new life at Animal Farm, where it is being usefully employed as enrichment for their foxes!”


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