Burnham and Highbridge Town Council has written to Police, asking for their plans to tackle an increase in anti-social behaviour in Highbridge.

Councillors are due to debate the issue of youths being “confrontational to passers-by” during a virtual meeting on Monday (September 28th).

In a report to town councillors, the council clerk says: “I have written to the local Police Sergeant and to Sedgemoor’s Community Safety Team about current instances of anti-social behaviour in Highbridge and have stated that a number of complaints and concerns from town traders and residents have been shared with the town council office and councillors.”

“There are reports that a growing number of youths are gathering on the green spaces near Market Street. It is stated that they are confrontational and abusive to passers-by.”

“I have asked the Police to let me have any update on plans to tackle the anti-social behaviour and notified them that this will be discussed at the meeting scheduled for 28th September.”

Police have responded: “There have been a number of extra patrols in the park areas in Burnham and Highbridge and we deal with youth ASB issues but using the ASB powers which involve evidencing any issues against individuals which will then give them warning and if enough evidence comes in this can lead to orders.”

The Town Council says it has also raised the issues with the Sedgemoor Community Safety Team who have said they are aware of the problems, but have received very few complaints.

Councillors will be considering their next steps at Monday night’s meeting.


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