Two ‘disorientated’ people were led to safety after getting stuck in mud during thick fog on Burnham-On-Sea beach last night (Monday, December 30th).

Crews from Burnham Coastguard and BARB Search & Rescue were called out at 5.45pm after the two raised the alarm in a distressed state.

A Burnham Coastguard spokesman said: “We were tasked to two persons who were reported to be stuck in the mud and calling for help.”

“They had been enjoying a fresh walk along the beach while visiting the area when thick fog descended and enveloped them which left them disorientated with no visible lights or landmarks to head towards.”

“As they continued on they wandered towards the mud and at that point rightly decided they needed help.”

“They dialled 999 and asked for the Coastguard who tasked us and also due to the nature of the call also tasked BARB Search & Rescue.”

“As we gathered, more information came from the persons in difficulty who were still on the phone to our Coastguard Operations Centre (CGOC).”

“They told them that a local fisherman had heard them calling and went along to assist them back to safety of the beach and a pathway back onto the roadside.”

“We caught up with them just by Trinity Rise and ensured they were OK and were not in need of any medical assistance.”

“They were very thankful to the fisherman and explained how the fog had come in so quickly and was like nothing they had experienced before. With all persons safe and well and off the beach, we were able to stand down.”

“A big well done to the fisherman who helped the two ladies back to safety, his local knowledge saved the day for two very worried visitors. Another fine example of Burnham’s wonderful community.”


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