A Burnham-On-Sea seafront walker took this photo of a group of young people potentially putting themselves in danger by dodging waves on the town’s jetty on Monday evening (November 2nd).

The photographer, who wants to be unnamed, says they were ducking in and out of the water just before high tide.

“They were dodging in and out of the waves on the jetty in the darkness in water that was up to knee-deep.”

“You can’t see the edge of the jetty in the dark, so they were lucky not to have lost their footing and got swept into the water. It’s an incredibly dangerous thing to do given the incidents of the past here.”

On May 30th this year, a photographer videoed the moment a boy was saved from the sea next to Burnham jetty. On May 20th, in a separate incident, a father and daughter were saved by a member of the public at the end of Burnham jetty.

In 2012, Dylan Cecil, a four year-old, died after a fall from the jetty. His body was sadly found washed up near Burnham Sailing Club after a four day search by crews.

Burnham-On-Sea jetty rescue

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