Berrow beach and dunes (Ken Grainger / Berrow Beach and dunes / CC BY-SA 2.0)

A BBC TV crew will be filming a natural history programme on Berrow beach during the coming days.

Sedgemoor District Council, which manages the beach, has given approval to the filming, which is going ahead in two phases.

“Sedgemoor is helping the BBC’s Natural History Unit, who will be filming on Berrow Beach over the next couple of days as test shoots,” confirmed council spokeswoman Claire Faun.

She added: “The full shoot is planned for the very early mornings of 10th to 12 March, weather permitting.”

Berrow beach

“They will have two battery-powered lights to illuminate their workspace when required, and all the crew will be wearing head torches.”

She adds: “They will also be lighting a small area of the sea with underwater blue lights.  There should be minimal noise, but voices may carry at night.”

“The general public are asked to not approach the film crew and to keep a minimum of 4m distance from them. All parties thank the general public for their co-operation in this matter.”

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