Burnham-On-Sea cake maker Dusica Roberts has been announced as one of the finalists for a top award this week.

The talented baker, who runs the Dusicake cake shop in Burnham’s Abingdon Street, will be travelling to the DMA’s (D’licious Magazine Awards) on 17th February at Leeds Castle in Kent.

She and fellow cake makers Kerry Hemms and Verity Malinowska have been named finalists for an award called ‘One to Watch’ which recognises the talents of up and coming stars in the industry and taking the sugar world by storm.

Dusica told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “We are incredibly excited to have been made a finalist and feel like winners already just for being nominated alongside some amazing names in the cake industry!”

Kerry Hemms from Cheddar and Verity Malinowska from Plymouth are the ladies that Dusica recently partnered with to appear on TV’s The Big Bake in Canada which was shown on UK TV at Christmas when they won the series.

Dusica also made ‘Podrick Gump’ and won Best in Show at Cake International last autumn.

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