Annie Bubb, a volunteer at the St Margaret’s Hospice Care in Burnham-On-Sea is shaving her head to raise funds for the hospice in memory of her daughter.

A volunteer at the St Margaret’s Hospice Care in Burnham-On-Sea is shaving her head to raise funds for the hospice in memory of her daughter.

Annie Bubb, 72, has been volunteering at St Margaret’s clothes shop in Burnham-On-Sea’s High Street for the last seven years and has served thousands of customers during her time behind the till.

Annie has a personal connection to the hospice as her daughter, Hazel, suffered from a brain tumour and was cared for by staff at the hospice’s In-patient Unit in Taunton. Hazel stayed at the hospice for five months before she passed away in February 2020 aged just 44.

To pay tribute to Hazel, Annie has decided to shave her head on Monday, August 2, at St Margaret’s clothes shop in Burnham-On-Sea to raise funds for the hospice.

Annie says: “I first started volunteering at St Margaret’s Hospice shop shortly after I retired. I knew I wanted something to do and that I wanted give something back and it was just a perfect fit for me.”

“My daughter had a brain tumour around 20 years ago and she had treatment but sadly it came back around 3 years ago, and it was much more aggressive.”

“She was cared for at St Margaret’s in the last five months of her life and I couldn’t be more grateful for the help that the staff gave her. They made her feel comfortable and also looked after me and the rest of the family. All of the staff really cared which is so special when you’re going through such a terrible time.”

“Hazel died at the hospice in February 2020 and it was heart-breaking. The hospice supported me at the time and continued to do so after Hazel died. The Bereavement Support Team were in regular contact. I It was hard to talk to them at first but it was just nice to know that I had the support there when I needed it.”

“When Hazel first was diagnosed with brain tumour the first time she decided to do a head shave as she was losing her hair. I offered to do it with her, but she said it was something that she wanted to do on her own.”

“A good friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and it just struck me this was the perfect time for my own head shave, to do something for both of them.”

Annie said she hopes to raise £500. Since Hazel’s death she’s continued to volunteer at the hospice shop and has no plans to stop.

“After Hazel died, I had some time away from the shop and when I returned everyone was so supportive,” Annie said.

“I know that Hazel’s partner, Matt, has also done some fundraising in Hazel’s memory. He did the Fire walk at the hospice with two nurses, and he also took part in a fundraiser with his son, Riley, and Riley’s football team – they took part in a memory walk while Hazel was in the hospice.”

“St Margaret’s holds a special place in my heart because of the care they showed to Hazel and the rest of the family It’s nice to know that when I raise this money it could be paying for a nurse to give that same care and support to another family.”

“All of the nurses who looked after Hazel were absolute stars, I can’t thank them enough for what they did for her. St Margaret’s is an amazing place, and I would encourage anyone who is thinking of doing something for charity to choose St Margaret’s.”

For more details about Annie’s head shave and to make a donation visit here.


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