Ben Folland

A music producer living in Burnham-On-Sea has launched what he believes to be the town’s first record label.

Ben Folland has started Lifebuoy Records, which he says will feature mainly down-tempo music from artists in the surrounding area.

He adds: “I have launched the label to give young local artists a chance to get their music onto major streaming sites and, hopefully, once the record label gets more of a following, I will be able to give young artists that are just getting into the industry the recognition they deserve.”

Ben, who studied at Bridgwater College, says he hopes “to put Burnham-On-Sea on the musical map.”

Lifebuoy Records’ first release is the album ‘Worlds Apart’ by Ben which has been released online and is also available as a CD. The music video features Ben and a friend in various locations in Somerset.

Ben adds: “It is often the case now that when going into music, especially electronic music, the industry is so competitive that you find yourself on your own trying desperately to get your music heard, just to be lost in the constant stream of online content that just drowns you out.”

“This can be especially hard when you live in a rural area where it is harder to make connections and engage in the real world with others that make and enjoy the same music as you; hence why city’s tend to have a large music scene.”

“I wanted to change this, even just by starting small. Using the money I’ve been earning in a full time job, I’ve used every free minute to set up Lifebuoy Records.”

“I’ve had to learn as I go along and face a large array of unforeseen difficulties but finally I’m in a position to release my own album which acts as both my debut album on my label and a test to refine the release process so I can find my next new artist and release them professionally with the knowledge and skills I have acquired from releasing my own label.”


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