Newly-elected Liberal Democrat town councillors say they are keen to put politics aside and work with all parties and councillors for the benefit of Burnham and Highbridge.

The results of Burnham and Highbridge’s Town Council election saw the Lib Dems become the biggest party on the Town Council, the first time this has occurred since 1999.

The Lib Dems have 9 seats, the Conservatives have 7 seats, there is 1 independent seat, and 1 Labour seat.

New Lib Dem town councillor Ganesh Gudka, pictured, told “There was a combination of national circumstances and local circumstances which mean we’ve now got councillors from across all parties.”

“It’s a really diverse set of councillors who are ready to work hard for the community.”

He adds: “Recognising that there’s a split on the council, we will work with all the other parties to work on shared agendas.”

“From our conversations with voters, it is clear that they expect us to work together.”

“We’re open to that and we will work with everybody to move the towns forward and make a bright, sustainable future for Burnham and Highbridge.”

Cllr Peter Clayton, who was re-elected as a Burnham Conservative county and town councillor, said: “I am looking forward to working with all councillors and hope we can progress various local projects.”

”Working together as a group will be important to move both towns forward.”


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