A new ‘rebel art campaign’ has been launched in Burnham-On-Sea this week.

In an anonymous email, the group says it has launched the “first episode of a series planned to finish in a spectacular fashion later in the year.”

Several billboards with the wording ‘What Next?’ were installed on lamp posts in the town overnight on Wednesday (January 25th), as pictured here.

The group’s email adds: “The length of the series will depend how the town engages with our art. Each series will have its own title. Art is not crime.”

“We have placed 50 billboards around the town to encourage people to find us and follow us on our journey.”

“As you slept we crept. We ran around like mice in the night, we placed our art for all to see. Art is not what we show you, it’s what you believe it is!”

“Everyone will see differences in our art. Some will see it as litter, some will see it as rubbish, some will see it as art. Some will want to know What’s Next?”

“You have just discovered episode 1 of the captivating series. Be sure not to miss an episode.”

“We accept responsibility for our art and we will leave no damage as fast as it arrives it will disappear and leave no trace.”

“Leave our art in place for others to admire and we will remove it in a very short space of time.”

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