Several road closures have come into force in Burnham-On-Sea for the annual carnival festivities.

The road closures are unchanged from last year and are listed below in full detail.

Queen’s Drive and the Frank Foley Parkway are closed all day today (Monday) while the carnival carts are parked up in readiness for the Burnham-On-Sea Carnival however access to Tesco will be possible along the Frank Foley Parkway until 6.30pm.

Road closures from 9pm on Saturday 2nd November until 1am on Tuesday 5th November:

  • The Frank Foley Parkway, Burnham on Sea
  • From its junction with Ben Travers Way (North) in a south easterly direction to its junction with Ben Travers Way (South). A distance of 404 metres.
  • The B3140 Burnham Link Road
  • From Love Lane Roundabout in an easterly direction to its junction with Stoddens Lane. A distance of 1456 metres

Road closures from 6.30pm on Monday 4th November until 1am on Tuesday 5th November:

  • Ben Travers Way
  • From Tesco’s entrance to its junction with the Frank Foley Parkway. A distance of 70 metres.
  • Ben Travers Way (South)
  • at junction with Frank Foley Parkway
  • Berrow Road
  • from Westfield Road to Manor Road
  • Church Street
  • B3139 Burnham Road to A38
  • The Frank Foley Parkway
  • From its junction with Ben Travers Way to Love Lane Roundabout. A distance of 523 metres.
  • Hawley Way
  • junction of Ramsay Way to junction of Love Lane
  • Highbridge Road
  • from Worston Lane to Oxford Street
  • Love Lane
  • From its junction with Manor Road to its junction with the B3140 Burnham Link Road. A distance of 846 metres.
  • Frank Foley Parkway / Wallace Wells Road Roundabout
  • Love Lane / Rosewood Avenue
  • Marine Drive / Burnham Road
  • Adam Street
  • Chapel Street
  • College Street
  • Cross Street
  • High Street
  • Manor Road
  • Marine Drive
  • Oxford Street
  • Pier Street
  • Regent Street
  • South Street
  • Victoria Street
  • Vicarage Street

A carnival spokesman said: “The Highbridge and Burnham-On-Sea Carnival committee would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents, businesses and Town Council for their patience and continued support of our town’s carnival.”

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