The creators of a carnival cart which was designed for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee have said they will keep displaying it as a mark of respect for her.

The unique cart was created by members of several carnival teams to celebrate The Queen’s 70-year-reign in June.

It was part of the huge Jubilee parade that headed through central London for the celebrations, as we reported here.

It is set to be displayed in the procession at the Burnham-On-Sea Carnival on November 7th.

Dave Jennings, from Griffens Carnival Club, says it will carry on being used “as a mark of respect”.

“I think as a mark of respect [to The Queen] that the cart should still carry on and go out in the Somerset carnivals – as a tribute to her life.”

“I think for that reason, even more people might want to come and see it, because of what it stood for at the time. There will be a lot of people get emotional over it.”

Tom Spender, who was also involved in the construction of the cart and its journey to London, adds that it was a “good demonstration of what the West Country can do”.

“We were fortunate in one way, given her age, that her health held out so that we could take it [the cart] there and she could see it. The people that built it, and were on it, I think there were a few lumps in the throat.”

“It was pride, that we were invited to do something and we did it, we showed what we could do.”

Spectators at the Burnham-On-Sea Carnival on November 7th and the other six Somerset Guy Fawkes Carnivals in Bridgwater, Weston, North Petherton, Shepton Mallet, Wells and Glastonbury will see the cart.

Pictured: The special carnival cart (BBC / Bridgwater Carnival)

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