Burnham-On-Sea Love Lane

20mph speed limit signs are to be introduced along a busy road outside a Burnham-On-Sea school to improve safety.

The signs will be introduced along Burnham’s Love Lane approaching the entrance gate to St Andrew’s School.

Mayor Cllr Lesley Millard said at the latest Town Council meeting: “We are getting 20mph limit signs along the Love Lane side of St Andrew’s.”

“One sign will be near the Esso roundabout and the other will be further along Love Lane near the industrial estate.”

20mph zone

She confirmed Somerset Council will take away one existing sign and added that the work will be at no extra expense to the Town Council. She added it is a “welcome boost to safety.”

Calls for a new 20mph speed limit in Love Lane were first raised last summer, as Burnham-On-Sea.com reported at the time.

Town councillors considered several locations and decided that St Andrew’s School in Love Lane has the highest need for a new speed limit in order to boost safety.

Burnham-On-Sea Love Lane

Town councillor Barbara Vickers said St Joseph’s School already has a 20mph sign outside, while King Alfred School also has speed reduction measures, and Churchfield School has a school crossing patrol.

She added: “The one local school that doesn’t have a 20mph speed limit is St Andrew’s and there is a lot of road activity there with an ambulance station, doctors surgery, and lots of passing traffic going in and out of town.”

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