Dozens of residents were presented with awards when the annual Burnham In Bloom awards ceremony was held on Friday night (November 3rd).

Scores of residents, children and business owners gathered in the Town Council Chambers for the presentation evening when awards were given to those who’ve brightened up Burnham and Highbridge with floral displays and art this year.

Burnham-On-Sea’s Mayor Bill Hancock was presented with a South West In Bloom silver award which was awarded to Burnham last month, as we reported here. The award was handed over by Burnham In Bloom’s Joanne Brown.

Burnham and Highbridge Mayor Bill Hancock told “I’d like to thank everyone who has won and taken part in the competition this year – it’s great to have our towns looking as colourful as possible. It is a great testament to our community that so many join in each year.”

Burnham In Bloom organisers Dave Perrett and Richard Young were thanked for their enthusiastic long-running involvement in the competition.

The Decanter, for community work in the town, was presented to Elliott Withers and the Chairman’s Shield for the most points went to Mrs P Wing. The Mayor’s Cup for community involvement went to Phil Smith.

Full winners list from Burnham In Bloom Awards 2017:

Category A – Group of Houses
1 104 & 105 Worston R’d, Highbridge (Paul Phillips & Marlene Hand) & 2 Blakes Cres (Wendy Styles)
2 2,3,4&6 Sunny Lawn, Burnham
3 16 &17 Marwood Close, Burnham (Philip Hemming 16 & Catherine Voysey 17)

Category B – Hanging Baskets
1 Mrs D. Salmon, 3 Sunny Lawn, Burnham
2 S. Charles, 7 Chapel Street, Burnham
3 Mrs D. Ashfold, 1 Manor Drive, Berrow
4 Mr G. Brooks, 7 Aldwych Close, Burnham

Category C – Balcony
1 Mrs E. Rouse, 6 Sunny Lawn, Burnham
2 Mrs. I Minchin, 14 Churchill Close, Burnham
3 Mr M. Clarke, 57C Berrow Road, Burnham

Category D – Window Boxes
1 Mrs P. Eyre, 11 Summerville Terrace, Burnham
2 Mrs P. Wing, 21 Pembroke Close, Burnham
3 Mrs V. Watts, 16 Kiln Drive, Highbridge

Category E- Containers
1 Mr J. Bowden, 22 Osborne Walk, Burnham
2 Mrs P. Wing, 21 Pembroke Close, Burnham
3 Mrs M. Hand, 2 Brunels Way, Highbridge

Category F – Unusual Containers
1 Mrs G. Cruickshank, 4 Sunny Lawn, Burnhama (Golf bag)
2 Mrs V. Watts, 16 Kiln Drive, Highbridge (Bicycle)
3 Mrs D. Salmon, 3 Sunny Lawn, Burnham (Bras)

Category G – Front Gardens
1 Mrs P. Wing, 21 Pembroke Close, Burnham
2 Sonia Withers, Elm Tree Farm, Bristol Road, Edithmead
3 Mrs G. Cruickshank, 4 Sunny Lawn, Burnham
4 Mrs V. Watts, 16 Kiln Drive, Highbridge
5= Mrs C. Martin, 3 St Peters Road, Burnham
5= Mr P. Collins, 26 Mendip Way, Burnham

Category J – Hanging Baskets (Commercial)
1 Home Farm Holiday Village, Edithmead
2 Beaufort House, Rectory Road, Burnham
3 Basonbridge Inn – Fiona Bray

Category K – Best Overall (Commercial)
1 Home Farm Holiday Village – Mrs G. Atkinson
2 Beaufort House, Rectory Road, Burnham
3 Basonbridge Inn – Fiona Bray

Category L – Unusual Containers (Commercial)
1 Salt Express, Bristol Road, Edithmead (Mad Hatters Tea Party)
2 Home Farm Holiday Village (Wishing Well)

Category M – Shops

1 Coffee Corner, Abingdon Street, Burnham

Category N – Holiday Villages
1 Home Farm Holiday Village (Mrs. G. Atkinson)
2 Sandyglade Holiday Park, Berrow
3 Retreat Caravan Park, Berrow Road, Burnham

Category O – Residential Homes & Flats
1= Beaufort House Residential Home, Rectory Road, Burnham
1= Kathleen Chambers House, 97 Berrow Road, Burnham

Category P – Public Houses
1 Bason Bridge Inn, Bason Bridge
2 Victoria Hotel, Victoria Street, Burnham
3 Dunstan House, Love Lane, Burnham

Category Q – Garages
1 G.H. Tyres, 31-35 Adam Street, Burnham

Category R – Guest Houses
1 Sherwood Guest House, 42 Berrow Road, Burnham
2 St Aubyns, 11 Berrow Road, Burnham

School Competition Painting – 6 and Under
1. Evie Johnstone Age 5 Burnham Infants School 2. Jacob Powell Age 5 St Joseph’s
3 Sophia Morley age 5 St Joseph’s 4 Connor Roberts Age 6 St Joseph’s

Age 7 to 9
1. Charlie Macinnes Age 9 Berrow School 2. Isabelle Smith Age 8 Berrow School
3 Hannah Rufus Age 8 Berrow School 4 Natalie Nguyen Age 7 Burnham Infants School

Age 10 & over
1. Jodie Hillier Age 11 Berrow School 2 Megan Taylor Age 11 Berrow School
3. Lily Wilkins Age 10 Berrow School 4 Coadey Power Age 11 St Joseph’s

School Shield – Berrow School

School Cup – St Josephs

Chairman’s Shield (most points) – Mrs P. Wing

Decanter – Elliott Withers

Mayor’s Cup – Phil Smith

Public Building – Town Council