Stormy Burnham-On-Sea weather conditions

Burnham and Highbridge residents are have their say on steps that the Town Council can take to mitigate Climate Change and to help local wildlife in light of their recent decision to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

The Town Council will be holding a Climate and Ecological Community Workshop on Saturday 1st October at The King Alfred School Academy from 2-5pm when all will be welcome.

The workshop is being organised in response to the declaration of a Climate Emergency at the Town Council’s last meeting when councillors Lesley Millard and Julie Flurry were tasked with organising the session.

“The main purpose is to collect all ideas of positive action that the Council can take to adapt or mitigate Climate Change and to restore wildlife,” says a spokesperson.

“The Plan will support and enhance Somerset and Sedgemoor’s Climate and Ecology Plans.”

“The Council has invited many people who work in this area so that they can use their knowledge and experience and put it into a local context with all the knowledge and experience of local residents.”

“All the ideas collected will go forward to form the foundation of an Action Plan to run until the end of this council in 2027.”

“The Council will also be asking for volunteers to form a Working Group that will create the Action Plan and then steer it to the end of its term.”

“Every small step taken by one person will have an impact when we work together as a community.”

“The Council intends to create an Action Plan that will improve the lives of all the residents. It will be reviewed each year and adjusted to ensure the greatest impact for the people of Burnham and Highbridge.”

“Please come and join us. This is an opportunity for you to be part of an exciting and
dynamic plan that will impact positively on our Town.”

To attend, register via email at or telephone 01278 788088 by 28th September.

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