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Burnham-On-Sea artist donates pet portrait to winner of ‘Pawfect Virtual Bake Off’


Burnham-On-Sea artist Felicity Franks has donated a pet portrait to the winner of an online baking competition. 

The Pawfect Virtual Bake Off, organised by Bake4MECFS, raised funds for medical research organisation, the Open Medicine Foundation, and three winning bakes have been announced.

Four artists, including Felicity Franks, have donated their time and talent to creating prizes for the three winners – three pet portraits and one cake portrait.

Participants were encouraged to donate £4 to Open Medicine Foundation to enter their bakes and all donations have gone towards medical research into chronic complex diseases, with focus on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), and related chronic complex diseases such as Long COVID.

The Pawfect Virtual Bake Off, Round 7, has contributed to the total raised by BAKE4MECFS, £1,356.00 so far.

The artists got together via the internet and chose which portrait they would most like to do from photographs of the winners pets. Felicity chose Dotty the Spaniel, who belongs to Lyndsey Dent. Lyndsey is a regular baker for Bake4MECFS and created a birthday cake in the style of a dog’s face, pictured below.

Felicity said: I saw the photo of Dotty and got so excited to do her portrait! There were some fabulous bake off entries, but I had a real soft spot for the birthday cake my winner created – Im really pleased the judges chose her to be one of their winners!”

“With regards to the portrait itself; Dotty is a beautiful dog and I loved capturing her for her family to treasure forever. Its been such a pleasure to be able to help this fantastic cause and Im so happy with the amount of people who took part and how much has been raised for OMF. Thank you to Burnham-On-Sea.com for helping to raise awareness the bake off was taking place.”

And Lyndsey Dent added: I entered Bake4MECFS as it is a cause close to my heart. One of my best friends suffers with m.e. and Bake4MECFS help raise money to help so many wonderful causes including research into various treatments.”

“For my entry this time  – I’ve entered five times – I sent in my daughters birthday cake I made of “Waffle Doggy”. I was so chuffed when it was announced that I was a runner up and I had won a drawing of Dotty, my springer spaniel. Dotty is five years old and is the most loving, happy dog that she’s often mistaken for a puppy.”

“I’m so thrilled to have a Felicity Franks painting of her. She’s really brought Dotty’s features to life. When I was first shown her drawing I cried as she really captured the joy in Dotty’s eyes.”

“I’m so thankful to Felicity and Bake4MECFS. I can’t wait to put this picture in pride of place.”

Bake4MECFS was launched in 2020 by actress and OMF Ambassador, Jennie Jacques. The Pawfect Virtual Bake Off was Round 7 of the bake off, having already had inspirational themes such as the Ultimate Storybook Bake Off” which had Irish novelist Cecelia Ahern, known for works like PS I Love You, on board as a Celebrity Judge! 

If you would like to find out more about the next bake off, visit www.bake4mecfs.com and more details about local artist Felicity Franks are at www.felicityfranksportraits.co.uk



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