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Burnham-On-Sea artist joins judging panel for charitable bake off


Burnham-On-Sea artist Felicity Franks is set to judge an online baking competition and has donated a unique portrait to the winner.

The Pawfect Virtual Bake Off, organised by Bake4MECFS, raises funds for medical research organisation the Open Medicine Foundation.

Earlier this year, Felicity donated a pet portrait to the winner of The Pawfect Virtual Bake Off, to raise funds for Bake4MECFS.

Bake4MECFS asks participants to donate £4 to enter their bakes, the funds then go to Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) and there are different themed bake offs, run throughout the year.

All donations go towards medical research for chronic complex diseases with focus on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and LONG COVID, and related chronic, complex diseases.

This round brings some exciting news for Felicity, who says: “Since donating a portrait to The Pawfect Virtual Bake Off I have kept in touch with celebrity judge Jennie Jacques and we have bounced some ideas around.”

“After I incorrectly guessed the theme of the most recent bake off (The Such Fun Bake Off with Miranda Hart) as The Teddy Bear’s Picnic, we decided that actually that would make a great theme and be a lot of fun to do! So a theme was born; the newest theme is The Teddy Bear’s Virtual Bake Off!”

“The exciting news for me is that this time I get to take part as a judge! I am also donating a print of one of my recent paintings ‘Teddy’ the highland cow to the winner.”

“I’m so excited to be helping this fantastic cause once again and hope lots of you will join in with some creative bakes.”

Felicity is a pet portrait and wildlife artist, working out of a studio at her home in Burnham-On-Sea.

Bake4MECFS was launched in 2020 by actress and OMF Ambassador, Jennie Jacques. The Teddy Bear’s Picnic will be Round 9 of the bake off and the judges are excited to see what wonderful entries come in.

Jennie says: “Many celebs help me out with the bake off. I’m delighted! Comedian Russel Howard actually kicked it off with his banana bread. Last round, Miranda Hart helped me to judge the “Such Fun” theme. And we have even had the Vikings Queens, Katheryn Winnick, Amy Bailey and Alyssa Sutherland on the panel! Now, more than ever, funding the research into virus initiated debilitation, like Long Covid and ME/CFS, is crucial. I can’t be more grateful for all involved so far.”

“We are so excited to see the momentum of Bake 4 ME/CFS continue to build! Awareness of ME/CFS and related diseases is critical. Too many people with these life-altering illnesses are living in the shadows, despite being severely affected.    With well-known celebrities participating alongside Jennie each month, Bake 4 ME/CFS serves to amplify the voices of an underrepresented community and energise support for urgently needed research.” Rebecca Handler, OMF’s Communications Specialist

Bake4MECFS are asking bakers to help spread the word and make a difference to this great cause by also nominating four friends to join in with them.  Entries for The Teddy Bear’s Picnic Virtual Bake Off need to be received by September 30th.

If you would like to find out more about the next bake off and how to enter, visit www.bake4mecfs.com. Or if you’d like to find out more about local artist Felicity Franks visit www.felicityfranksportraits.co.uk.




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