This car stranded in the sea at Brean was rescued by the beach warden on Sunday evening after a race against time and tide.

The owners of the Vauxhall Tigra convertible had gone for a walk along Brean Down mid-afternoon and left their car on the beach, oblivious to the fast-incoming tide.

By 6.30pm the sea had completely surrounded the vehicle and was still coming in fast with the brisk onshore winds.

Beach warden Kevin Williams then spotted the owner frantically running down the steps of Brean Down, distressed at the sight of his car in the water.

Kevin said: “I explained to them what was happening and said we’d need to act quickly to save the car. They gave me the key and I quickly rushed down and drove it out of the sea before it could be covered any further. I was so pleased to have helped them.”

A crowd of onlookers cheered as the vehicle was driven away from the beach by the beach warden. The couple who own the car, who are from Bristol and wish to remain anonymous, said: “We are very, very grateful to the beach warden for his help here.”

The car was driven to safety by the beach warden at Brean

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