Sedgemoor District Council will be installing new signs in Burnham-On-Sea and other parts of the area over the next week, urging people to put their rubbish into the bins provided, or better still – take it home with them.

Following the recent good weather and relaxation of some Covid-19 guidelines, many more people are out and about, not only in Burnham-On-Sea, but in countryside beauty spots; and there has been a corresponding increase in litter just left on the ground.

Council spokeswoman Claire Faun told “Sedgemoor’s Clean Surroundings staff are at full stretch – preparing the 50+ children’s play areas for re-opening at the weekend, emptying litter bins and dog bins, cleaning public loos, grass cutting and all the other daily tasks that they carry out – so any help in keeping littering down is well received.”

“The new signs have been designed to point out that it is not hard to put rubbish in the bin, rather than on the ground.

As we reported here, last week’s heatwave led to an increase in litter in Burnham.


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