Burnham-On-Sea saw its warmest-ever February temperatures for a third consecutive day on Wednesday (February 27th) as the unseasonal conditions continued.

Thermometers in Burnham-On-Sea reached 18.3°C on Wednesday, having previously reached 18.1°C on Tuesday, and 16.7°C on Monday.

The UK experienced its warmest February day on record, with the Met Office reporting a temperature of 21.2°C in Kew Gardens, London.

The Met Office’s Burnham-On-Sea weather forecast predicts that we could see cooler conditions over the next few days.

Pictured: Top, sunrise on Wednesday (Photo: John Presley) and, above, a sunny walk onto Burnham-On-Sea beach through the dunes (Photo: Matt German), and below the jetty at sunset on Wednesday (Photo: Burnham-On-Sea.com)