Stacey Leatherby

Stacey Leatherby has returned to the Highbridge school she attended, King Alfred School Academy, to help the current students pursue their dream jobs.

Stacey is working with students in all year groups to help them build the skills and experience they need to live happy and successful lives beyond school.

Activities include a week of work experience, university visits, mock interviews and guest speakers from a wide range of industries.

Stacey says: “I am passionate about being that support and friendly face for our students, helping to raise the aspirations of our young people.”

“I thoroughly enjoy working with the students and love that I’m back where I originally also went to school.”

Across The Priory Learning Trust, all three secondary schools put students first by looking to give them the best chance of succeeding in life by getting their foot in the door early when it comes to their chosen career path.


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