Beach walkers in Burnham-On-Sea were forgiven for taking a double take at the town’s low lighthouse this week after it appeared to sprout an extra tenth leg!

But there was no need for concern – the famous landmark was simply getting a spring clean and a makeover ready for the summer.

On Monday the lighthouse’s muddy exterior was washed down with powerful water jets and on Tuesday workmen began painting the structure, pictured right.

The lighthouse is getting three coats of a special weathershield paint from ICI, which should mean it can withstand the worst that the Bristol Channel can throw at it for at least 2-3 years.

Contractors used a cherry picker to get up to the top of the structure.

One of the team overseeing the work told “This is one of our most unique projects – it’s an awkward structure to paint and needs extra care because of its age.”


Burnham Lighthouse history