The first results of the 2021 census have been released this week and they show how Sedgemoor has seen its population rise over the last decade.

The census takes place every 10 years, with every household in the UK required to take part. The latest snapshot of England and Wales was captured on March 21, 2021.

The figures show that on census day, 125,400 people were living in the Sedgemoor area – up 9 per cent from 114,588 in 2011 when the previous census was carried out.

It means the local population density has grown to 222 residents per square kilometre, up from 203 in 2011.

Sedgemoor’s population is now 49.5 per cent male and 50.5 per cent female – there is now a higher proportion of men in our area than 10 years ago.

The new census data also shows that our area is aging – a decade ago the population was made up of 10.7 per cent under-10s and 20.5 per cent over-65s, but this had changed to 10.3 per cent and 23.8 per cent respectively.

Figures from the census data are used by statisticians to understand where the population is growing, and it plays a key role in shaping public services.

Historic populations of Sedgemoor:

1981: 88,581
1991: 97,763
2001: 105,882
2011: 114,588
2021: 125,400


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