Dog owners who use Burnham-On-Sea, Brean and Berrow beaches have this week been warned to be on the look out for palm oil washed up on the tideline which can be harmful to dogs.

Palm oil has been found on Blue Anchor beach near Watchet over the past week and there are now concerns that it could also wash up on other beaches around the Bristol Channel, including Burnham-On-Sea. It can be harmful to dogs, Coastguards have warned this week.

Watchet Coastguard spokesman Simon Bale urged anyone who sees palm oil on the beach to report it to the local council, taking a careful note of the location.

“It can become contaminated by other waste products and because it is edible it can be attractive to some animals who can become ill after coming into contact with it,” he said.

“Palm oil comes in a variety of forms and it is important to keep your eyes open for it, especially if you are exercising your dog on the beach.”

“It is sometimes seen as a scattering of pebble-sized lumps that are white and waxy and sometimes be seen as small pea-sized pieces along the strand line.”

He adds: “Laboratory testing has shown that, although the oil is non-toxic, there have been reports of dogs becoming seriously ill after ingesting the substance.”

Children and pets should be kept away from deposits and the substance should be washed off humans with soap or shower gel.

Owners concerned about their dog’s health should contact a vet as soon as possible.


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