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Police launch parking crackdown in Burnham-On-Sea

Police in Burnham-On-Sea are launching a drive to reduce traffic offences in the town.

The moves comes after complaints from residents regarding motorists parking in restricted areas such as disabled bays and loading bays.

Restrictions on parking in loading bays and disabled areas will be in force throughout the town centre with £30 fixed penalty notices dealt out to offenders.

Loading bays are only for the use of traders and customers loading or unloading bulky items for short periods of time in between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday.

Disabled blue badge holders cannot park in these areas, but disabled bays are available where badge holders can park for a maximum of three hours at a time.

Police Community Support Officer Stuart Nichols, who is based at Burnham, said: “We realise public feelings about the town centre are high at the moment, but motorists have to observe the new restrictions and not park where they are not permitted.”

He added: “Disabled badge holders can park in the designated bays, provided they comply with the regulations on their official blue badges. The designated bays are clearly marked and we would ask people to read the signs located adjacent to each bay highlighting the relevant restrictions. Members of the public can park in the parking bays on the sea front during the winter free of charge.”

PCSO Nichols added: “Inconsiderate and Illegally parked vehicles can put lives at risk by blocking access for emergency services and by forcing pedestrians onto the road.

“Illegally parked vehicles cause problems for delivery vehicles and as well as a headache for local residents and traders. Our role as Police Community Support Officers allows us to deal with traffic offences, but we would rather be tackling anti-social behaviour, offering crime reduction advice and improving community safety.”

“The few people who commit these traffic offence are depriving the rest of the community from the beneficial services we provide.”

The crack down on traffic offences will also include police and DVLA actively targeting vehicles without road tax. Anyone with information on a vehicle being used on the highway without tax should phone The Tax Evaders Hotline on 0800 0325202.


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