The founder of a new political party called the Somerset Unionist Party has announced he will be standing in the next general election to try and become MP for the new Bridgwater constituency, which includes Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge.

Pelé Barnes is a small business owner who was born and raised in Bridgwater and says he would be a “true local representative of working people” if elected.

He intends to stand as a candidate for the newly-formed Somerset Unionist Party, which he founded.

Pelé told “I would be a true local representative for working people. I’m looking to bring small businesses back to the high streets against greedy landlords.”

“I aim to get empty shops purchased by councils and rented out cheap to new and small businesses to grow the town centres.”

“I would close the gap on rich and poor with real changes to wages, bonuses, and landlord reforms to protect low income families.”

“I also want to see an animal rights overhaul to set a modern day standard, and protect our wildlife and endangered species.”

Pelé adds: “I come from a working background and am born and raised in Bridgwater, having had a range of experiences. From working at Royal Mail, in sales, at a baker, as a shop worker, in construction, and having volunteered as a teacher’s assistant, I now run my own business selling cheese and deli items named Gouda Karma Ltd in Somerset markets.”

“I have a passion for helping the local community, and helping homeless people with a new way to get them homes and work. I believe we all deserve better than what any political party has to offer in my lifetime at 30 years old.”

The Somerset Unionist Party describes itself as “a political party for the people” and adds that it is “time to give people a true representation.”

The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have already confirmed their candidates: Sir Ashley Fox, a former solicitor who now runs a consultancy firm, and Claire Sully, a Somerset Council councillor for the Mendip South division.

It follows an announcement earlier this year from The Boundary Commission that constituency boundary changes will result in Burnham-On-Sea, Highbridge, Berrow and Brean moving out of the existing Wells constituency and into a new Bridgwater constituency by the next general election.

Under the boundary changes acros the UK, the total number of overall seats in the House of Commons will remain at 650 but the number of constituencies will increase from 533 to 543. The new boundaries are designed to make representation more equal, with each of the new seats having a population of between 69,724 and 77,062 people.

Bridgwater’s current MP Ian Liddell-Grainger will not stand in the new Bridgwater constituency, as we first reported here, since he is standing in the new Tiverton and Minehead seat instead.

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