Burnham and Highbridge Town Council is set to fund street parties across the two towns instead of providing commemorative mugs or coins to local children to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday this year.

The giveaway of coins or mugs was considered by the council at a meeting earlier this month, but was turned down at this week’s meeting of the council’s Policy and Finance Committee.

Cllr Peter Burridge Clayton told the meeting: “Whilst I am not in favour of mugs and items like that, they are things that people can keep for a long time, but the suggestion of street parties is a good idea. Residents and businesses could all get involved and have a memorable day. Personally, I would rather see street parties.”

Cllr John Parkes agreed, adding: “In an ideal world, we would fund the mugs and street parties, but that’s not possible. For me, the street parties are better because they create a memory and something to look back on. Mugs can be broken, but memories can’t, so for me the street parties are best.”

£100 will be earmarked to each councillor to fund Royal street parties in their ward during the Queen’s birthday celebrations.

Residents who are interested in holding a street party in Burnham or Highbridge will be able to apply for funding via the Town Council Clerk.

The recommendation will be further considered during April’s full Town Council meeting. The idea of funding the street parties was proposed by resident Bev Milner Simonds at the start of this week’s meeting.