Mean-spirited vandals have set on fire two scarecrows set up alongside a busy road in Brent Knoll to slow traffic down.

The creations were installed next to Ham Road to encourage motorists to watch their speed — but they were both destroyed on Friday night (September 13th).

Villager Angie Hicks told “I would like to thank everyone in Ham Road, Brent Knoll, for their support and enthusiasm, especially the children, and all the effort put into creating our traffic calming scarecrows.”

“They had an immediate effect on vehicles coming into this narrow 30mph stretch. Thank you to all the drivers for taking it so seriously.”

“Sadly, on Friday night, our scarecrows were torn out of the ground and taken away before being found burned in a nearby field.”

She added: “If anyone wishes to donate their scarecrow, to help our cause after next weekend’s Brent Knoll scarecrow event, we would be happy to give them a good home.”

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