Highbridge war hero Frank Foley was featured on national TV on Monday evening (March 6th) when BBC1’s One Show recounted his story.

Highbridge-born Frank Foley was employed as a Passport Control Officer in Berlin from 1920 until 1939. In his role, he was able to help 10,000 Jews escape from Nazi Germany before the outbreak of World War Two, while bravely putting own life at risk.

Monday’s programme featured the Highbridge statue built in his honour in Market Street and also included an interview with Frank Foley’s great great nephew, Richard Dunstan, pictured below.

During the show, Richard met Holocaust survivor Werner Lachs, pictured below, who was saved by Frank Foley.

“As far as I am concerned, Frank Foley is my life saver,” Werner said after recounting how he escaped war-torn Germany.

Frank Foley’s great great nephew, Richard Dunston, was also interviewed outside the family’s old home in Highbridge, pictured below.

Talking to Burnham-On-Sea.com after Monday’s broadcast, Pam Lyes, the secretary of Highbridge War Memorial Trust, praised the programme.

“This feature was a lovely recognition for Highbridge and Frank Foley. We are so pleased to have had his story told to a national audience,” said Pam.

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