A crime spree in Burnham-On-Sea has been caused by a small group of teenagers ‘intent on causing havoc’, police have said this week.

At a Town Council meeting on Monday evening (March 6th), Burnham-On-Sea Police gave an explanation for a spike in crime levels during recent weeks.

The latest Police figures show that incidents involving anti-social behaviour rose from 16 during February 2016 to 47 during February 2017.

And criminal damage incidents rose from just five during February 2016 to 12 during February 2017.

Cllr Phil Harvey said: “This is not a particularly promising report – criminal damage is up over 100% and anti-social behaviour is up over 300% on the year.”

But PCSO Yvette Mayo explained: “We are dealing with a group of seven or eight young people aged 15-17 who have been causing havoc, especially around amusement arcades and public gardens.”

“They think it’s fun but they’ve causing a nuisance to many residents.”

She added that four of the teenagers have been served with intervention notices and two have been given anti-social behaviour contracts, with action ongoing.