National Grid says it is investigating after local wildlife rescuers say multiple swans have been killed near Burnham-On-Sea after striking the new Hinkley Point C power lines running across the Somerset Levels.

116 of the new T-pylons are being constructed along the Hinkley Connection route, stretching 57 km from Hinkley Point power station to Avonmouth.

Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue based in East Huntspill, says her team were shocked to find multiple dead swans lying next to the power lines in the village of Mark on Monday (January 30th), as pictured here.

She told “We are very sorry to report that several swans have been killed on the new power lines that were recently installed.“

“It is so sad that swans that have already been affected by Avian flu are now suffering due to unmarked power lines.”

“One swan found near the dead swans was taken back to Secret World Wildlife Rescue to be assessed. Fortunately, it was uninjured but was probably just staying in the area as its mate was one of the dead ones.”

“That one was returned where the juvenile and single swans stay together through the winter but with more power lines, we are concerned that it will not be a happy ending.”

“We hope that Hinkley will react quickly to address this problem.”

A spokesperson for National Grid responded to “The health and safety of wildlife where we work is one of our most important responsibilities and we are extremely concerned by the image that has been shared.”

“We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and are investigating as a matter of urgency.”

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