Sedgemoor District Council says new water quality tests in the lakes at Apex Park in Highbridge this week have found potentially toxic blue-green algae remains a danger.

However, the council says there are plenty of activities ongoing at the ‘busy’ park which are unaffected by the water issues.

Claire Faun, from Sedgemoor District Council, told “Despite the continuing presence of blue green algae in the waters of Apex Park Lake, there is still plenty to do and see in the 42-acre park.”

“Visitors can go skateboarding, use the outdoor gym, enjoy a walk and the wildlife.”

“There is a children’s play area, a toddler area, a football goal, as well as BMX facility.”

“Accessible paths go around the park suitable for buggies and wheelchairs. There are picnic spots, ample car parking and toilets.”

“A variety of hot and cold refreshments are available from Lizzie’s Kitchen in a beautifully restored 1950’s American Airstream catering unit.”

The waters in Apex Park were sampled on Wednesday 13th September and it was found the water remains contaminated and quite green, although there is no scum.

The council’s advice continues to be:

Dogs should not be allowed to drink, swim or paddle in the water

Fishing is not permitted

Do not eat fish caught from the water

No swimming

Avoid all contact with the water

Observe and abide by notices surrounding the water

Anyone who has come into contact with the water containing blue-green algae should wash with fresh water immediately. If they become ill, they should obtain urgent medical attention.