Stoddens Road, Burnham-On-Sea

Police say a driver has come forward following a ‘fail-to-stop’ incident in Burnham-On-Sea’s Stoddens Road on Friday evening (April 10th).

A 13 year-old boy and his step dad were hit by a passing vehicle and were left ‘shaken’ after being knocked off their bikes.

Police were called and were looking for the car, which was described as a ‘bright red Honda Jazz’.

A Police spokesman said on Saturday evening (April 11th) that the driver had come forward and the force was no longer appealing for witnesses.

Police in Burnham-On-Sea and HighbridgeThe mother of the boy, who asked to remain anonymous, told “It was my youngest son, Ben, who was hit along with my partner, John. We were cycling along Stoddens Road around 6.30pm. We were heading towards Berrow Road and had just past Southern Lea Road.”

“Ben was hit off his bike from a car coming up behind him which then also hit John who was in front of Ben. They both came off their bikes very badly and have severe abrasions and shock.”

“The car did not stop, it carried on in the direction of Berrow Road.”

“The lovely people in several houses who heard the impact came out and one called the Police.”

“One was a nurse who brought blankets and we ascertained an ambulance was not required as, most importantly, there were no head injuries or broken bones.”

“The impact ripped the passenger side wing mirror off the car but the car would have also sustained bodywork damage to the passenger side as the impact was very severe.”

“The police arrived and took statements and the wing mirror serial number showed the car to be a Honda Jazz.”

“Both bikes are a complete right-off, however, most importantly, both Ben and John will be OK.”

A Police spokesman added: “The incident happened at about 6.40pm yesterday (Friday 10 April) in Stoddens Road.”

“A family of three were cycling along the road when a car drove up behind them and struck the adult male and boy, knocking them from their bikes. They sustained minor injuries, which did not require hospital treatment.”

“The vehicle which failed to stop is a red Honda Jazz (believed to be a 2009-2012 model), which will have visible damage to the nearside.”

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