Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party leadership election front-runner, made a surprise visit to Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge on Friday (June 28th).

The former Foreign Secretary met with staff and students during a visit to King Alfred School Academy.

Boris Johnson was invited to the area by Burnham’s MP, James Heappey, in support of his bid to win the Conservative party leadership and become Prime Minister.

Boris had lunch with 250 local Conservative members at the Oaktree Arena before heading to the school where he met students and staff and gave interviews to Sky News and local media and the school’s Jill Dando News Centre.

Mr Heappey has spoken out several times in support of Boris Johnson becoming the new Prime Minister.

Boris met young members of the school’s Jill Dando News Centre and said he was “very impressed” by what he saw.

Jacob Kemp, 15, of the centre who aims to be a Political or Royal Correspondent, said: “As young journalists at the centre, we were honoured to be given such an amazing opportunity to meet the candidate for Prime Minister! From presenters to politicians we have met many public figures, and this is a day to remember here!”

Principal Nathan Jenkins added: “The Jill Dando News Centre students have been fantastic around our school, full of enthusiasm and talent. It has been an excellent year and we see many more exciting things to come.”

Neville Coles, Executive Principal of The Priority Learning Trust, which runs the school, added: ”We are delighted at the progress of the academy and the Jill Dando reporters have been able to report on the considerable successes of students. We are grateful to the local MP James Heappey and Boris Johnson for coming to see our students and developments.”

It’s not the first time that the politician has visited Burnham. In April 2015, Boris Johnson visited Burnham-On-Sea’s BARB Search & Rescue when he took a flight in a hovercraft.

Boris Johnson and James Heappey interview

We spoke with Boris Johnson and James Heappey during the Highbridge visit: You must have been impressed by what you’ve seen here at the school today?

Boris: I think the school is fantastic. I think the pupils are amazing and inspiring, listening to them. The professionalism with which they approach their journalism studies is quite extraordinary. Turning to the leadership election, do you feel you’re top of the class yourself?

Boris: We haven’t got to half term yet and have a long way to go. It’s a work in progress. Tell us James why you’re backing Boris Johnson?

James Heappey: I voted to remain back in the referendum, but my constituency voted to leave. People are getting very angry that we haven’t left yet. I have looked at the candidates in the race and what they’re offering as far as Brexit goes and this is the guy to get Brexit delivered, to beat Corbyn and Farage and bring back our party, and take our country forwards. There are lots who agree and want to see him as our Prime Minister.

Boris: Number one I am going to get this thing done so that we come out of the EU properly and sensibly. I have a great record as a deliverer of important things that bring a society and country together, like more education funding, better infrastructure and full fibre broadband. We will do all of those as soon as I get in. It’s also about getting Brexit done by someone who believes in it and campaigned for it, uniting and lifting up the country together. Could there be a chance of a seat at the cabinet table for Mr Heappey?

Boris: There certainly could!

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