Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards and an RNLI lifeboat were called out this morning (Tuesday) to investigate a beached vessel on Stert Island.

Crews were called out at 9am after the boat was spotted on the eastern side of the island opposite Burnham-On-Sea.

A Coastguard spokesman said: “Each tide brings in its own amount of debris and while most of it is just natural marine waste sometimes it brings in other objects that need further investigation.”

“This morning hightide washed a small craft ashore on the East side of Stert Island which needed to be investigated to see if there was anyone in need of assistance.”

“Our Coastguard Operations Centre (CGOC) tasked a local lifeboat asset to go over and get a closer look.”

“Upon doing so it appeared to have been washed in on the tide after having possibly broken loose from somewhere, our operations room will continue to investigate as far as possible with the limited information available and attempt to track down the owners.”

“Due to the falling tide, the lifeboat was unable to remove the small craft until the next high tide later.“

An RNLI spokesman added: “Our volunteers were paged at 09:05 am today to investigate a vessel aground on Stert Island. We launched our D-class lifeboat Burnham Reach and proceeded to the craft which proved to be an engineless open boat in poor condition and no evidence of anyone on board.”

“The craft was well aground, so it was left to be refloated on the next high tide. The D class was returned to the beach for recovery and washdown.”


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