A town councillor has urged residents to give their feedback on proposals to allow Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to drop a planning condition to fit acoustic fish deterrents (AFDs) to its water intakes in the Bristol Channel.

Anti-nuclear campaigners claim 11 billion fish could be killed during the power station’s lifetime if AFDs are not used. Stop Hinkley says EDF, which is building the £27billion power plant, should not be allowed to “wriggle out of conditions imposed when the project was given planning permission.”

The Environment Agency, which has been considering an application from EDF to amend Hinkley’s water discharge activity, says it was proposing to remove the requirement for AFDs. But before the proposal can be confirmed it is holding a second public consultation which runs until Thursday May 25th, as we reported here.

Hinkley Point

Cllr Barbara Vickers says local Lib Dems have already responded, and are urging residents and organisations to voice their opinions by taking part in the consultation.

“The proposal from NNB Generation Company (Hinkley Point C) is to vary the permit, so it no longer has to install the AFD. This is the 3rd attempt by NNBGenCo to have this condition varied,” she says.

“I am asking all of our local residents, as well as local and national organisations and campaigners to use the link below to express their views and concerns about what might happen if the AFD is not installed.”

“I believe that the AFD is central to helping maintain a balance in our already damaged marine ecosystem. Without it, the effects on fish stocks and other sea life would be devastating.”

fish protection measures at Hinkley Point C

Barbara adds: “This consultation is something we can all take part in, to actively contribute to the preservation of the marine ecosystem in the Severn Estuary.”

“It’s an opportunity that can be passed on to friends and family, and on social media platforms, to maximise the impact of our voices. I don’t want us to let this pass by under the radar, only to see the consequences on our own doorstep.”

Click here to submit comments before the consultation period ends on May 25th.


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