Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called to Brean beach on Monday morning (May 20th) to investigate an object washed ashore.

Crews were alerted at 9.49am when Brean’s beach warden raised the alarm after a walker spotted what could be possibly a dinghy.

A spokesman from Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards said: “At first glance, it looked very much like a deflated boat which could’ve meant the persons with it were missing.”

“The beach warden got as close as he could without endangering himself but there were no persons in sight that he could make out.”

“Upon arrival two of our team donned lifejackets, safety hats and gloves and set off to investigate further. As they approached it soon became clear that it was crash mats that are used on building sites etc.”

“These are placed at the base of scaffolding or other high working areas so if all other forms of safety devices fail it at least breaks their fall and prevents major injuries occurring.”

The Coastguards dragged the mats up the beach and then loaded them into the Brean Beach Warden’s van for disposal.

“Although it wasn’t anything life-threatening, the way the mats were sat made it look like it could possibly have been a boat washed in on the tide. That would have meant possible missing persons so it was well worth investigating.”

He added: “Thanks to the first informant who called it in and as always the Brean Beach Warden. If ever you are in any doubt about something that has washed up or been uncovered by the tide then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

Photos: The recovery of the mats this morning (Photos: Burnham Coastguard)


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