James Heappey Burnham-On-Sea MP

Burnham-On-Sea James Heappey has this week revealed his support for Boris Johnson in the upcoming Conservative Party Leadership election.

Burnham’s MP revealed his intentions in a message on social media on Monday (June 3rd).

“With Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, we will leave the EU on 31st October and start to focus on other important issues, such as climate change and protecting the environment,” said Mr Heappey.

“People do feel left behind: that the opportunity and change that excites so many of us, doesn’t work for them.”

“The referendum was their cri de coeur and it cannot be ignored. Boris will deliver Brexit without delay and then focus on issues that will unite us once again.”

He adds: “There are so many great ideas coming out of the leadership race but we don’t get to focus on any of them until Brexit is delivered. Boris gets us on to other stuff quicker. For those of us not obsessed with Brexit, that matters a lot.”


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