A Burnham-On-Sea musician who can often be heard busking in the town centre has launched his second EP this month.

Taylor Topham, who will be playing at Burnham-On-Sea’s BosFest later this month, has unveiled a new collection of songs on his EP called ‘After The War’.

“I’ve been performing for around four years on and off, but only this year I’ve started playing music full time,” he told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

“This is my second EP. The first was called ‘Becoming’ and was released two years ago. Since then my style has changed a lot and I feel like I’ve grown heaps as a musician and as a person following a lot of movement and travel.”

He says that ‘After the War’ was recorded in Sydney during a recent visit to Australia.

“I’ve played music around Australia, New Zealand and Asia for the past couple of years and I’m back for the summer, busking and performing in the South West. I’m also playing at BosFest on the community stage later this month.”

“I hope people connect with the music and it helps them to feel things. I’ve had some good feedback so far and just want to share art with people and live well.”

The new EP is available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.