Burnham-On-Sea’s football club has been burgled for a SECOND time in five weeks with another trail of damage left behind.

A Burnham United spokesman told Burnham-On-Sea.com the club has been left shocked by the the latest “heartbreaking” burglary during the early hours of Sunday (January 28th).

Thieves smashed their way into the building in Cassis Close, before destroying a fruit machine, pictured here, and stealing cash inside.

Last month, on December 19th, thieves broke into Burnham-On-Sea football club, stealing valuable equipment and taking cash from a fruit machine.

In a statement issued last night, the club told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “In the early hours of the morning, the club was broken into for the second time in five weeks.”

“The thieves once again damaged the shutter, smashed through the door window and destroyed the fruit machine which was only replaced in the last ten days from the previous break-in, taking the money from inside of it.”

“As a result of this, we had to cancel both a child’s birthday party and a meeting of a local community group. We thank these people for their understanding.”

“Whilst they took far less than last time it is once again heartbreaking that people can do this.”

“With Burnham United Juniors, we have worked tirelessly to improve the facilities at Cassis Close to make them better for our existing members, as well as becoming a place which could benefit the whole of the local area. Acts like this certainly make you wonder why you bother.”

“The whole incident is made even more gut wrenching as the club have been taking many steps to improve the security of the premises, including upgrading the alarm system for the building so the Police are called as soon as the alarm goes off, which is being installed this week.”

“This raises the suspicion that it’s someone who uses the club regularly that has done this, which is even more awful to comprehend! If anyone knows anything, please let the Police know ASAP.”

“Finally, if you’re reading this and you were responsible, take time to think about the damage you are causing to a facility used by over 250 children aged 5-16 and their families, the 100 members over 16, the five skittles teams, and several community groups and teams, but most importantly think about the thousands of hours which a small group of volunteers do to run it to benefit all these people, only for people like you to destroy it.”

“The club will bounce back once again, but it’s certainly hard to take.”

Anyone with information regarding this latest incident should contact Burnham-On-Sea Police on 101.

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