Christmas fire safety tips issued to residents by Burnham-On-Sea Fire Station

With the winter and festive season fast approaching, Burnham-On-Sea Fire station has issued a number of tips to keep lcoal people safe in the run-up to Christmas.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Service has released the advice to keep residents safe over the Christmas period.

  1. When using candles, place them on a plate or better still in a jar. Place them away from curtains, Christmas decorations or any other flammable items and never leave them unattended.
  2. Make sure you have your boiler/oil burner serviced prior to the cold weather and remember to check your carbon monoxide detector is serviceable. If you don’t own a carbon monoxide a detector they can be purchased at most super markets or DIY stores and are equally as important as your smoke alarm.
  3. Open fires/log burners should always whenever possible have a fire guard for not only safety reasons with regards to young children but to safeguard against wood popping and spitting into the room. Ensure embers are properly extinguished before you go to bed.
  4. Christmas lights should be checked that they are in good working order and also not left them on overnight or when you’re out. Also don’t over load sockets with electrical items.
  5. Chimneys should be swept prior to the start of the winter months to avoid a buildup of soot or birds’ nests that may have dropped in.
  6. If you use an electric blanket, never use it in the same bed as a hot water bottle. Always unplug it before you get in unless it has a thermostat and is safe to use all night. Don’t leave electric blankets folded as it may damage the internal wiring, store them flat or rolled. Get your blanket tested by a qualified electrician every three years and replace your blanket if its more than ten years old.  Finally never buy a second hand electric blanket.
  7. If you have electric or gas heaters keep them at least a meter away from curtains and never use them to dry clothes. Always unplug them before you go out or go to bed. Try and secure them to a wall to avoid them falling over. Only ever use paraffin heaters in well ventilated areas.
  8. You should also remember to check your smoke alarm at least once a month and close internal doors when you go out or go to bed.

For further information visit Burnham fire station’s Facebook page or Devon and Somerset’s Facebook page – Community safety.


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